Canadian Experience Class

If you have worked in Canada under proper authorization then Canadian Experience Class program is for you. Canada Experience Class program identifies the candidates who have contributed significantly to the Canadian economy by completing their studies and working in Canada. For many international graduates, Canadian Experience Class may be fastest option for achieving Canadian permanent residence. Self-employment and work experience gained while you were a full-time student (such as on a co-op work term) doesn’t count under this program.

Minimum requirements – To qualify for the CEC through Express Entry, you must have:

  1. at least 12 months of skilled work experience in Canada, in the last three years (before you apply). The work was:
    • a) full-time OR.
    • b) an equal amount in part-time.
  2. gained your work experience in Canada with the proper authorization.
  3. meet the required language levels needed for your job for each language ability:
    • a) writing
    • b) reading
    • c) listening
    • d) speaking

planned to live outside the province of Quebec.

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