LMIA to support Permanent residency of a temporary Foreign worker

LMIA Applications:

There are mainly three types of LMIA applications:

Low wage LMIA: if the wage Paid to TFW(temporary foreign worker) is less than $23.08 than the application is considered Low wage. Service Canada approves Low wage positions for employment duration of 1 year.
High wage LMIA: If the wage rate is more than $23.08/hour then the application is considered as high Wage LMIA. We are easily able to get an approval of 2 years for Employment duration.
LMIA to Support Permanent residency: You can  support a TFW to become a Permanent resident of Canada through this LMIA.

We will be able to represent you as a third party representative starting from recruitment efforts for Canadians, Until getting  a Positive LMIA. We follow below step by step procedure:

Step 1: Job bank account set up: We will need CRA payroll account number and A Utility bill(such as electricity, hydro, internet etc) issued under your company’s name in last 3 months and we will able to set up JOB bank file for you under our Representative portal

Step 2: We run ads for 31 days

Step 3: We submit LMIA application with below list of documents

Important Note: If you have received a positive LMIA decision in the past two years and your most recent LMIA decision was positive, then you are not required to provide proof that you are operating a business that is providing a good or service in Canada with your LMIA application.

List 1: Please provide only 1 document from below list

  • Document of Employee: T4 or payroll records for a minimum of 6 weeks immediately prior to the submission of this LMIA application, pay periods if the temporary foreign worker already works for you (redact social insurance number)
  • An attestation confirming that your business is in good financial standing and will be able to meet all financial obligations to any temporary foreign worker you hire for the entire duration of their employment

List 2: Please provide only 1 document from below list

All Other Employers: You must submit at least one of these documents to demonstrate that you have a legal business that provides a good or service in Canada:

  • Municipal/provincial/territorial business license(valid, i.e. not expired) for the employer
  • T4 Summary of remuneration paid for Employer
  • PD7A Statement of account for current source deductions for employer
  • An attestation confirming that you are engaged in a legal business that provides a good or service in Canada where an employee could work and a description of the main business activity. Permanent residency stream only, confirmation that the business has been operating for at least one year must also be included in the attestation
Mann ImmigrationLMIA to support Permanent residency of a temporary Foreign worker