Open Work Permit – Spouses


Spouses or common-law partners of full-time students with a valid study permit may apply for an open work permit. An open work permit will enable the spouse or common-law partner of the international student to work. Your spouse/partner will not require a job offer to apply, and his/her permit will be valid for the same period as your study permit. This is an excellent way for your spouse or your common-law partner to connect with the local community, gain valuable work experience and earn extra money.


Spouses or common-law partners of Temporary foreign workers in Canada can also apply for open work permit. If your spouse has an open work permit (e.g. post-graduation work permit), you must attach a copy of your spouse’s work permit to your application for an open work permit, along with:

  1. a letter from your spouse’s current employer that confirms they work there in a NOC 0, A or B occupation, or a copy of your spouse’s employment offer or contract, and
  2. a copy of your spouse’s recent pay slips.

Your permit will not be valid longer than your spouse’s work permit.


Spouses of Canadian citizens and permanents residents are also eligible to apply for open work permit. If your spouse applied, or wants to apply, under the spouse and common law partner In Canada, he or she can apply for an open work permit. Remember that while your spouse or partner’s permanent residence application is being processed, he or she must:

  1. Maintain legal status as a visitor, student or worker in Canada, and
  2. Wait for their work permit application to be approved before starting to work. Depending on your situation, follow these instructions.
    If you have not submitted your sponsorship application: 1. Put the sponsorship, permanent residence and open work permit applications into one envelope.

2. You must also include:

  • a) all supporting documents for all applications, and
  • b) proof of payment, for all applications.
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